Healing guide: Orlando Yinyi

PLACE: “Temazcal Koatl Ruta de los cenotes”, located 50 minutes from the “Moon Palace Cancun”, in Puerto Morelos, 1300 feet from Cenote Verde Lucero

INPUT: $4000 MXN
(Transportation from and to the hotel included)

You can reserve a place by depositing or transfering $1000 Mexican pesos per person (or the equivalent in USD):
HSBC Card 4213 1680 5117 0264
CLABE 021662064796458183
The rest is delivered the day of the ceremony.

+521 2224718894 Orlando Yinyi

+521 722 245 4902 Robert Jordan

Bufo Alvarius toad 5meo dmt

The Medicine of the Bufo Alvarius toad is called in this way because it is extracted from the toad that lives in the Sonoran desert, it is the secretion of said toad, it is also known as 5meo organic DMT. It has been scientifically proven that, like other tryptamines, it promotes the reabsorption of serotonin and melatonin, causing changes in the perceptual sphere. 5meo-DMT is considered a neurotransmitter and is also found in the human brain naturally.
This medicine is vaporized and aspirated. Helps to dissolve obsessive-compulsive disorders, addictions, depression.
The 5 meo dmt is also present in various genera of plants of European and Asian origin. Known as “brain food”, and that the brain treats it in a similar way to glucose; The human body produces 5 meo dmt in the pineal gland during positive moods, joy, euphoria and mainly during deep sleep. At the time of consuming 5 meo dmt, the body increases the production of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, melatonin, tryptamine and enzymes that promote the healing and regeneration of the body, thereby causing the release of a considerable amount of accumulated unconscious stress, thus unblocking the immune system.

Depending on the state of consciousness or intoxication the participant may experience some of the following experiences:
• Massive release of accumulated stress, (conscious or unconscious).
• Dissolution of unconscious cellular memories that cause addictions, compulsions, psychosomatic illnesses and suffering.
• Partial or total disconnection of physical and / or visual reality.
• Perception and understanding of the non-separation of your Being manifested in EVERYTHING CREATED.
• Sensation of being thrown into the void at high speed.
• Feeling that the body explodes in thousands or millions of particles.
• In the healing process the participant becomes aware of the importance of living the present with great contemplation of the miracle of life and the environment that surrounds him, etc.

After having consumed the medicine of the toad the participant experiences sensations of a deep liberation of their traumatic emotional loads, (stress), being these sensations the most important since the process of purification and liberation of stress will continue for several hours and sometimes even for several days. The participant finds that his ego was reduced or minimized, allowing in this way to appreciate and value everyday things with more intensity.
On the other hand, depending on the degree of physical, mental and emotional intoxication of the participant, this can expel toxins accumulated for years from the body.
The medicine activates the pineal gland, stimulating the good functioning of the body’s immune system, causing physical, mental or emotional suffering to self- correct and heal.
It should be noted that there is no record to date that the consumption of this medicine produces harmful side effects to the body, or consequences directly or indirectly associated with physical-mental health.
It has also been scientifically proven that its use does not cause any type of
addiction, but quite the opposite, since it usually breaks addictions, attachments and compulsions.

From at least 3 days before:

  • Avoid consuming red meat, medicines, drugs, alcohol and any stimulant such as coffee, tobacco or marijuana.
  • Prefer light and natural food.
  • Suspend sexual activity.
  • The day of the ceremony arrive fasting.
  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • The information that this cosmic medicine reveals requires us to arrive with a humble and respectful attitude in order to begin the healing process, so it is important in these preparation days to avoid situations of conflict and stress as well as to avoid witnessing scenes of aggression .

Duration and phases of the experience
The strong effect starts 15 seconds after inhaling the medicine and lasts around 20 minutes, during this period the healer guides the person through songs and massages to help harmonize her/his energy.
This period is mainly where there is liberation of emotional and stress loads, after 20 minutes the effect fades until after 1 hour you almost do not feel the effect however the rest of the day you will feel a deep peace and connection with everything.

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